CEO Robert W. Ban's Quantimetrix is in control

May 1, 2009

Robert W. Ban


Founded Quantimetrix Corp., 1974;

serves as President and CEO.

Prior to 1974, worked in several
clinical laboratories as a clinical chemist,
thus, has clear understanding of needs and activities
of private, public, and hospital labs.


MS and PhD in Biochemistry and Nutrition,
University of Southern California


Practices Tai Chi


Landmarks, turning points, evolution. Quantimetrix Corp. has
experienced an increased demand for stable diagnostic liquid controls.
Over the past five years, sales of the company's urine- dipstick control
products have increased tremendously and are continuing to increase even
in the current economic conditions.

Challenges near and far. The ever-increasing demand for
quality-control products is a constant challenge to remain current in a
rapidly evolving market. As evident in our changing economy, additional
challenges include staying competitive, remaining compliant with
regulatory bodies, negotiating the increasing cost demands from
suppliers, and spending the length of time it takes to bring new
products into the marketplace — yet, still providing a quality product
for our customers. Quantimetrix has a 35-year manufacturing history and
has been engaged in global activities for the past 15 years.

Online and worldwide. Quantimetrix introduced Quantrol
Online, an Internet-based format for review of QC information, several
years ago, and the product remains in demand. Quantimetrix continues to
offer Quantrol as a complimentary service to our customers, allowing
them to check real-time peer-group data. Some of our competitors have
followed suit with similar products. The introduction of the Lipoprint,
an automated electrophoretic system for the separation and quantitation
of lipoproteins in serum, has accelerated its use for identifying serum
lipoprotein subfractions as an adjunct to statin therapy and was
introduced shortly after being cleared by the FDA in 2002. Demand for
the Lipoprint system started slowly but is now experiencing increasing
demand globally.

What's new? Quantimetrix Corp. is currently
developing a wide variety of liquid, stable, control products requiring
no reconstitution and offer extended stability. The company is also
looking to outsource some of the current manufacturing processes.

Community engagement. Quantimetrix Corp. makes
available to its employees a wide assortment of business and
professional training as well as educational opportunities in a
multitude of disciplines. Many of the training and educational courses
being offered can be taken online from the employee's workplace.
Quantimetrix also promotes good health by providing complimentary Tai
Chi classes once a week for half an hour to its employees with a trained
instructor. I personally make every effort to attend class weekly.
Employees are also encouraged to use their break time to take walks at
the track and field, which is within walking distance from the company.
One of my main health concerns has to do with heart disease. Eating
healthy is crucial for managing our cholesterol levels, so oatmeal is
complimentary to all employees.

Attracting college grads. Quantimetrix Corp. believes that constant advertising is the most
crucial element in obtaining new talent for the research and development
of new quality controls and diagnostic products. As mentioned
previously, Quantimetrix makes available to its employees a multitude of
continuing education opportunities in a variety of areas.

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