Curt Johnson delivers Orchard to market

April 1, 2009

Curt Johnson


VP, Sales and Marketing, 1995-Present

Orchard Software Corp.

Carmel, IN

Clinical Chemistry Specialist, 1991-1995

Diagnostics System Specialist, 1988-1991

Abbott Diagnostics Division

Abbott Park, IL

CLMA Exhibit Advisory Board

Wayne, PA

Board of Directors

Midwest Academy

Carmel, IN


BS, Sales and Marketing

University of Akron (Ohio)


Enjoys spending time with his wife,
 Ann, and three children, Ricky,
Jonathan, and Danielle,

and taking trips to Walt Disney World.

Orchard's milestones In 2008, Orchard celebrated its
15-year anniversary as a laboratory information systems company. Our
goal when we started, and it continues today, is to enhance productivity
and disseminate information efficiently into the hands of providers to
improve patient care. Orchard keeps growing because we listen to our
customers. The input from our diverse user base drives the continuous
development of our products and helps us perfect our lab systems to give
the broadest set of benefits to our customers and to equip our systems
to handle a variety of laboratory workflows. In December 2008, KLAS
published its biennial Comprehensive Laboratory Information System
in which 10 LIS vendors were evaluated; Orchard continues to
lead the pack. Since its first inclusion in KLAS research, Orchard has
consistently maintained its high performance, leading to consistently
high scores. Over the next five years, we intend to contribute
leadership, innovation, quality service, and support to the industry
while we broaden our product offering and market base — focusing on
integration, connectivity, and advances in molecular diagnostics.

Understanding the needs of the end-user. Our goal when developing new features — such as rules-base technology,
interfaces that integrate disparate systems, and Web-based outreach — is
to maximize laboratorians' efficiency. As the lab community continues to
deal with personnel shortages, the use of computerized systems that
boost efficiency will become standard. The best way the lab can maximize
the effectiveness of the aforementioned solutions, however, is in
understanding the needs of its end-users. Offering solutions that have
the flexibility to meet each client's individual needs is invaluable to
the success of any organization.

Giving back. Orchard has partnered with Special Olympics Indiana to empower people with
intellectual disabilities to realize their full potential and develop their
skills through year-round sports training and competition. As a partner,
Orchard helps to raise money that affords our athletes the opportunity to
reach their dreams of competing in various sporting events, while fostering
a sense of belonging that produces useful and productive citizens. We are
proud of this commitment and look forward to expanding our involvement in
coming years. Orchard has been able to make a commitment to the betterment
of our community as a sponsor of the John R. Wooden Tradition, a Special
Olympics event that celebrates the lifelong contributions of the legendary
coach and Hall of Famer.

Education is key. We believe continuing education is critical to any organization's success,
whether it be a lab, Orchard Software, or the lab industry in general. Thus,
the opportunity to sponsor CLMA ThinkLab, a leading educational event for
lab professionals, was a perfect match. We have also been privileged to work
with other groups like The Dark Report and COLA to speak on quality
assurance, integration, outreach, and other issues impacting the lab.
Because of our commitment to education and to help our customers maximize
the use of their systems, we offer a variety of training classes year-round
at our corporate headquarters, and host biannual symposiums and user
training sessions to broaden our clients' understanding of the lab and the
use of their lab systems.

Training for the next generation. With over 50 universities utilizing Orchard products in their student
health centers, we are becoming the vendor of choice for student health
centers in colleges and universities across the United States. In
addition to the student healthcare setting, we work closely with
colleges that offer med-tech programs by providing software that can be
used in an instructional setting. The idea is to support the needs of
the next generation of medical technologists with hands-on technology
experience to give them “a leg up” in the job market.