Cabinets, tables and lighting

Sept. 1, 2003
Selecting laboratory furniture, storage utilities and lighting fixtures is, at best, a daunting task given the wide choice of systems, units and models currently available. Laboratory furniture design has come a long way. Work areas that once consisted of single tables or countertops have now been replaced with functional and flexible workstations offering an array of features, ergonomically designed to support human performance and comfort. State-of-the-art storage systems occupy less floor space but offer higher levels of storage capacity. High-tech lighting fixtures of every possible description and size bedazzle the selection process. Here, we highlight a very small sampling of the many current applications and options.
Organized access for the pathology labSpecifically designed for the pathology lab, this high-density, mobile storage system provides total organization and access, by optimizing laboratory layout and specimen storage. In addition, a wide variety of supplies also can be stored: paraffin blocks, chemicals for dyes and stains, glass slides and hematology supplies. The mobile system can be custom designed to meet individual needs. It is easily integrated within close proximity of the working areas in a lab, creating additional space, for both supply and specimen storage. The carriage-mounted shelving system allows for the organization of materials, facilitating quick and easy retrieval of supplies and slides, resulting in increased productivity.Laboratory density in smaller footprints
Aesthetically clean, the Starsys systems modular line of computer-designed components can be configured and organized to meet exact needs. The system provides functionally effective storage and workstation solutions, which are suited to the laboratory. The corrosion-proof polymer components are chip-, peel- and dent-resistant and specifically designed for a contamination-free environment. The base shells utilize corrugated inner panels, which are used to hold drawers and polymer shelves or slotted post inserts. Built to order, doublewide and triplewide units come with a combination of locking and nonlocking bays. Wall-mounted storage modules can be configured with either angled or level shelves, or a variety of bins, all protected behind lockable tambour doors. The system also features the option of locking or nonlocking clear doors for both security and quick visual reference.Starsys management solution
Maximizing storage capacity with flexibility, the Spacelink 4000 series is a mobile storage system, working together for a coordinated and efficient means of supply management. The series features 20-gauge steel construction with powder-coated finish and space-saving, counterbalanced, locking tambour doors. The cabinets are fitted with five adjustable shelves, each with five dividers. Durable plastic side panels accept storage accessories, such as interchangeable trays, baskets and drawers, which can be moved from cabinet to cart for easily transporting supplies from storage to work areas. Optional features include hinged, double locking doors, with or without glass inserts.Spacelink storage
The Captair ministore 822 (up to 48 liters) offers a safe solution for the temporary storage of up to 48 flasks and bottles that otherwise would take up valuable counter handling space and pollute the laboratory air. The ministore comes with a liquid absorbent retention tray to contain potential spills from broken containers, and transparent doors facilitating easy visibility. It is equipped with the Captair filtration system and two large-capacity filters capable of retaining more than 600 commonly used chemicals. The filtration system filters 75 m3/h or entirely renews the air inside a 20 m3 laboratory four times a day. For greater storage capacity, the modular assembly of several units is possible. Alternatively, a larger-size model, the Captair store AVP 804 (up to 100 liters), which is a vented storage cabinet featuring electronic fan failure alarm for the continuous monitoring system of the ventilation, and a sampling port for testing the saturation level of the in the lab
This mobile laboratory bench features four adjustable heights and provides auxiliary bench space, facilitating transport of lab equipment. Using steel pins with nuts inserted in vertical frame members, heights range from 29.63″ to 37.38″. The epoxy-coated 18-gauge welded tubular steel frame supports heavy loads up to 540 lbs. and is fitted with 5″-diameter, nonmarking polyurethane casters with toe locks. The bench provides a 38″x 28″ work surface, is factory assembled and comes with a lifetime guarantee.Variable height laboratory space
This mobile table system provides a versatile instrument work or storage surface, rated for a combined load capacity of 150 lbs. The system is equipped with soft rubber casters (front casters can be locked), 16-gauge powder-coated legs and support members, and a 1″-thick industrial-grade laminate top. Also included are a pull-out shelf, a fixed shelf for supplies and equipment and two cable closets that attach to the vertical leg supports to keep cables safe and out of the way. In addition, 7″ leg extensions are supplied to facilitate height adjustments.Series 6700 mobile lab, functional, versatile, mobile station
The Series 6700 mobile lab station makes valuable lab space more flexible and costly lab equipment more efficient. The unit is easily portable, within an individual lab or from department to department. A full-depth under-table storage shelf comfortably houses a variety of equipment and instrumentation. Convenient ports located at each end and at the rear of the unit provide for organized tubing and cord management, while optional 20-amp duplex outlets at the rear furnish an integrated solution to power requirements. A full range of optional add-on accessories enable each lab station to be fully customized.Mobile table illumination
Ideal for the laboratory workbench, the Omnivue series of magnifiers offers two illumination levels to shed light on virtually any inspection application. Three, cool-to-the-touch, 9-watt compact fluorescent lamps provide 1,200 lumens of side-to-side lighting or 1,800 lumens of light from the top and both sides of the magnifier, making it ideal for situations where illumination levels vary. The ergonomical head and ball-joint design is available with a standard 35″ or an extended 43″ arm, allowing users to position the light exactly where it is needed. The diopter large stadium-shaped lens provides precise positioning and eliminates unnecessary bending.Omnivue/Ominivue luminaire
The STE-155 is a newly released application for inspection and workbench applications. This functional luminaire is ideal for areas where bright light and a wide area of light output is needed to meet critical performance standards, as its longer head design is over 25.5″. The STE-55 is constructed entirely from metal including the aluminum parabolic louver, which diffuses and provides direct light control to work surfaces, eliminating unwanted glare. The 36″ spring-loaded arms offer three joints that can easily be positioned to comply with specific workspace dimensions and application requirements.STE-155 inspection                                                                             
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