Dec. 1, 2001
December is a reflective time. We think back over the year thats about to end, and evaluate how far weve come. We consider the changes in our lives those that we sought after, and those that came to us unbidden, as changes often do.What a year of changes 2001 has been, for our country, for our world. We head into 2002 a more sober people than we entered it, a less innocent people, no longer a nation at peace. But we also enter the new year with renewed patriotism, stronger bonds with our countrymen and allies around the world, and reawakened faith.On a smaller scale, 2001 has been a year of changes for Medical Laboratory Observer as well. In the early part of the year, the magazine was sold to Nokomis, FL-based Nelson Publishing Inc. and subsequently became a part of the Nelson family of business-to-business magazines, which now includes 10 titles. Each of us whose names you see on our masthead gradually found our way to MLO during the year, and found ourselves happy to be part of a congenial and dedicated group.Weve worked hard this year to help MLO continue its 33-year legacy of quality editorial content. Were proud of the fact that we have a strong core group of dedicated readers our average subscriber has been receiving MLO for more than 10 years. And were proud of the fact that MLO has a respected reputation in the medical laboratory world.This month, be sure to read Joan Szabos well-researched article on Preparing your lab for
bioterrorism. While this is a topic we might not want to think about, especially around the holidays, bioterrorism is a reality we all face. Medical laboratories are on the front line of this domestic battlefield in Americas war against terrorism.
Youll also find Lab results delivery in the context of HIPAA compliance, by Nancy Hamm and Jeffrey
Boothe, useful and timely as you struggle with the issue of delivering lab results to your physicians in a way that meets HIPAA directives.
Dan Haun and his colleagues, whose False experts article appeared in MLO in September, are back this month with a report on the way their laboratory at the Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans handles complaints according to CLIA standards. MLO publisher Doyle DeWoody and I will see some of you in Chicago this month at the ICAAC conference.Read our magazine. Drop us an e-mail or give us a call and let us know what you think. Have a wonderful holiday season with your families and friends.As always, our hearts are joined with yours in prayer for our America.Celia Stevens
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