COVID three years later

March 13, 2023
Lessons from the epicenter of a pandemic, preparedness for future pandemics and the ongoing battle for patients and doctors still learning more about the long term impact of COVID.

In March of 2020, the start of a global pandemic the world did not know a lot about COVID-19, how to treat it, and the tsunami of infections that were about to impact us for the next three years.

Hackensack University Medical Center was at the epicenter of the pandemic, diagnosing New Jersey’s first COVID case in early March of 2020, and recording the state’s first death from the disease a week later. In the weeks that followed Hackensack University Medical Center, and all Hackensack Meridian medical centers saw a crushing level of infections that echoed across the country. Two weeks to flatten the curve, quickly became two years of waves of infections. 

Now as the nation marks 3 years since the start of the COVID pandemic, after more than 1 million Americans have died, Hackensack University Medical Center experts are available to discuss lessons learned, the changing way the disease is treated, the ongoing discoveries of the long term impact of a COVID infection and long COVID, and how hospital protocol and even architecture has changed.

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