Quest launches return-to-work testing service

May 28, 2020

Quest Diagnostics launched a return-to-work service built around large-scale workforce COVID-19 testing; the company announced in a press release.

COVID-19 laboratory testing principally involves molecular diagnostics to detect viral RNA during active disease and serology testing to identify antibodies produced by the body following exposure to the virus, the commercial lab company said. Both types of tests provide insights into disease risk for individuals and populations.

To accommodate expected demand, Quest Diagnostics is scaling up its COVID-19 lab operations. The company expects to have capacity to perform approximately 150,000 molecular diagnostic tests per day by the end of June, compared to approximately 80,000 tests per day as of May. The company also has capacity to perform approximately 200,000 antibody tests each day.

In addition to testing, other features of the service include on-site temperature checks and specimen collection, secure online questionnaires, and data integrated with contract-tracing and infection-control software for use by employers. Influenza vaccination services are also available and will ultimately incorporate SARS CoV-2 vaccines, when available.

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