Johns Hopkins launches COVID-19 Testing Insights Initiative

May 6, 2020

Johns Hopkins University has announced the launch of the COVID-19 Testing Insights Initiative, a one-stop resource hub that fills the void of publicly-available information about COVID-19 testing data and offers critical insights, resources and expert analysis about COVID-19 testing around the nation.

In the coming weeks and months, viral tests for the presence of COVID-19 infection, as well as serological tests for antibodies and possible immunity, will be critical to measure the spread of the disease. Governments, businesses, and families will rely on data from these tests, as well as answers to questions about testing capacity, as they make decisions about the path forward. However, local testing data are not currently publicly available, and a comprehensive set of these data—paired with expert analysis and guidance—does not exist in one place. The Testing Insights Initiative aims to fill this void.

Through dynamic, continuously updated data visualizations, the Testing Insights Initiative offers a new, intuitive way to view and understand key data and insights to inform public policies and responses to the pandemic. The new initiative will be housed on the existing Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center webpage, an established resource for the public, policymakers and the media about COVID-19 that has been viewed more than 400 million times in less than two months and linked to by more than 8,000 other websites.

"Through the COVID-19 Testing Insights Initiative, Johns Hopkins will provide the comprehensive view of the testing landscape needed to guide effective policy decisions and shape our collective path to recovery," said Ron Daniels, president of Johns Hopkins University.

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