Flu season ramping up

Oct. 20, 2021

The Walgreens Flu Index shows that overall flu activity is 23% higher nationwide so far in the current season, compared to the 2020-2021 flu season.

“The Walgreens Flu Index shows higher flu activity to date than what we saw last year during this same time, when we saw unprecedented low levels of flu due to people sheltering in place, wearing masks and record flu shots administered,” said Kevin Ban, Chief Medical Officer at Walgreens. “With many regions loosening COVID mitigation efforts and people spending more time together in person, we may see an uptick in flu activity.”

During the week of October 3, Las Vegas and Nevada topped the list of markets and states for flu activity. This may be attributed to Las Vegas being a top tourist destination in the U.S., as well as increased face-to-face interaction and reduced preventive measures in certain regions, Walgreens speculated. Several Texas communities topped the list, with southern markets showing the most widespread flu activity this season. This is consistent with trends seen over the last two flu seasons, the company added.

The states with the highest flu activity to date, according to the Walgreens, are Nevada, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, and Alaska. Washington DC also ranks high.

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