Children with prediabetes and obesity may be more likely to progress to diabetes

Oct. 16, 2023
Metformin, lifestyle changes may prevent type 2 diabetes in children with prediabetes.

A new Journal of the Endocrine Society study highlights how to identify children at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes and strategies for prevention, such as anti-obesity or anti-diabetes medication and lifestyle changes.

The researchers found 6.5% of 552 pediatric patients with prediabetes developed type 2 diabetes over the 7-year period of their study. They identified a few risk factors, including higher HbA1C and non-fasting glucose levels, and worsening obesity. The study found boys progressed more commonly and more quickly to type 2 diabetes than girls.

The manuscript, “Risk Factors for Progression to Type 2 Diabetes in a Pediatric Prediabetes Clinic Population,” was published online.

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