CDC releases resources on cleaning and disinfection in hospitals

Nov. 9, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a new resource highlighting the core components of environmental cleaning and disinfection in hospitals, according to a press release from the American Hospital Association (AHA).

The AHA said its Association for the Health Care Environment played a significant role in the development of the core components of an environmental services program in hospitals within this guidance.

The CDC document addresses cleaning and disinfection of noncritical surfaces in hospitals. It does not address cleaning and disinfection of semi-critical or critical surfaces, devices, and equipment, the CDC said. It aims to help healthcare organizations reduce the risk of infection from surfaces by following six core components:

· Integrate environmental services into the hospital’s safety culture.

· Educate and train all HCP responsible for cleaning and disinfecting patient care areas.

· Select appropriate cleaning and disinfection technologies and products.

· Standardize setting-specific cleaning and disinfection protocols.

· Monitor effectiveness and adherence to cleaning and disinfection protocols.

· Provide feedback on adequacy and effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection to staff and stakeholders.

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