Product Focus: Hematology

Nov. 21, 2018

Clinical flow assay

The BD FACSLyric flow analyzer can be used in clinical labs in conjunction with the BD Multi-test 4-color and BD Multi-test 6-color TBNK assays to determine the percentages and absolute counts of T, B, and natural killer (NK) cells, as well as the CD4 and CD8 subsets of T cells. Together, these metrics can be used in the immunological assessment of individuals and patients who have/may have an immune deficiency. The BD FACSLyric cell analyzer is available in 4, 6, 8, and 10 color configurations to provide laboratories with the flexibility to adapt to changing clinical needs. BD Biosciences

Five-part differential hematology analyzer

The BC-5390 is a five-part differential hematology analyzer with built-in autoloader and a single closed tube sample mode. The hemoglobin analysis is performed using cyanide-free reagent. The analyzer processes up to 60 samples per hour and stores up to 100,000 results with histograms and Scattergram. The barcode reader and optional LIS connectivity enable seamless sample data transmission. Nearly all scheduled maintenance procedures are automated by touch buttons. The intuitive software enhances workflow efficiency and provides operators with a pleasant user experience. Mindray

Micros ES 60 hematology analyzer

The Micros 60 Hematology Analyzer is a benchtop system that provides fast and accurate CBC with 3-part diff results. Key features include: (a) processes 55 samples/hr making it useful for labs processing 10 CBCs or more per day, (b) uses 10 µL of sample for the CBC plus diff so difficult draws are not a problem, (c) analyzer uptime is > 350 days ensuring the analyzer is operational during peak hours, (d) has a small footprint that fits into the smallest lab spaces, (e) communicates with HORIBA’s LiteDM Patient Data Management System at an affordable price, and (f) the LiteDM consolidates test results to one report. Horiba

Mid- to high-volume hematology analyzer

The newly released DxH 900 Mid- to High-Volume Hematology Analyzer offers a high first-pass yield of verifiable results and a low cost of ownership. A high first-pass rate reduces unnecessary reflex testing and manual interventions with low false-positive rates, a 93 percent first-pass sample yield and automated extended counts for leukopenic and thrombocytopenic samples. This state-of-the-art analyzer enables laboratories to experience lower operating costs and faster break-even points. Beckman Coulter

Full performance hematology analyzer

With reduced budgets, shrinking laboratory space, and staffing challenges, many laboratories need a solution that lets them work smarter with less. The new CELL-DYN Emerald 22 AL is a full performance, automated optical five-part differential analyzer that delivers smarter results for small to mid-size clinical laboratories. Not commercially available in all countries, including the U.S. CELL-DYN Emerald 22 AL is a Class 1 laser product, which contains an embedded Class 2 laser. For in vitro diagnostic use only. Abbott

Autoslide hematology system

The ADVIA 2120i System with autoslide (optional) high-volume hematology analyzer streamlines workflow by eliminating the majority of manual steps commonly performed to maximize productivity. It delivers the flow cytometry peroxidase testing methodology for optimum results. The ADVIA 2120i System differentiates microcytic anemias with advanced RBC and reticulocyte technology. The System automates hematology workflow without the need for large track-based systems, expensive stains, or reflexive testing. Further, it maximizes the effectiveness of costly platelet transfusions with accurate results the first time—even at very low platelet levels. Maintenance is simplified with Unifluidics Technology through reduced fluidics, eliminated pinch valves and automated daily cleaning. ADVIA and Unifluidics are trademarks of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. Siemens Healthineers