Product Focus - Specimen Collection

July 13, 2023
Safe and effortless urine sample transfer

TransferTop Closed System for Urine Transfer: It eliminates spills, improves lab hygiene, and minimizes contamination risks for precise results. This system directly transfers samples to analysis-ready tubes, fits most vacuum urine tubes, ensures consistent sample volumes, and enhances efficiency and throughput compared to open systems.

Globe Scientific

Safe and efficient urine collection

The Easy-Pour cup (# IC-400) offers you a secure, leak-proof container with an infection-control lid that allows the lab to easily obtain a sample without removing the cap, consequentially less propensity for spilling urine, and safer diagnosis.

Choyce Products

Urine transfer system

SARSTEDT’s Needle-Free Transfer system is a closed system for needle-free transfer of urine from the NFT cup or 3-liter collection container with the SARSTEDT Urine-Monovette. The NFT cup and container feature an integrated transfer unit with pierceable membrane. Following sampling with the Urine-Monovette, the membrane reseals, ensuring safe, hygienic collection.


High blood volume capillary sampling

Unistik Touch Blade Device is a contact activated safety lancet designed to provide a high volume of capillary blood for testing. Unistik Touch Blade Device is simple to use and permanently retracts after activation and features individually marked lot numbers for complete traceability.

Owen Mumford

Higher collection and elution of specimens

Puritan sterile, patented HydraFlock 25-3318-H with its micro, ultrafine flocked tip is ideal for pediatrics, suitable for nasopharyngeal sampling, and other smaller collection sites. Advanced flock technology absorbs more sample and elutes more readily into the transport medium when compared to traditional spun fiber swabs.

Puritan Medical Products

LN2cryogenic labels for tubes & vials

The original CryoLabel permanently adheres to glass vials, test tubes, & plates. It easily handles cryogenic temps & LN2 exposure. CryoLabel can adhere to already frozen surfaces. It will resist moisture through repeated freeze and thaw cycles. Sticks well around curves of tight diameter vials. Available in very small sizes.

Electronic Imaging Materials

Safe, reliable evacuated blood collection tubes

Greiner Bio-One's VACUETTE Blood Collection Tubes are used for the collection, transport and processing of blood in the clinical laboratory. Made of highly transparent, virtually unbreakable PET plastic, VACUETTE tubes are available in a range of sizes, fill volumes and additives, with color-coded caps for easy tube identification.

Greiner Bio-One

Leakproof urine cups 

Graduated wide-mouth urine cups feature two-click lids. First click closes the cup. Second click ensures 95kPa compliance and maximum leak-resistance. Ribs on the lid and cup make opening and closing easier when wearing examination gloves. Tamper-tab ensures the integrity of the sterile interior. Available options: 90mL (108190) and 120mL (108191). 


This caddy draws a crowd

The Specimen Caddy (5607) is an all-in-one organization and transport solution for blood collection supplies. It includes a sharps bracket and two 32-capacity tube racks for safe content storage in labs, clinics and remote locations. A bottom drawer conceals smaller items and features a latch to guard against accidental openings.

Health Care Logistics

Needleless subculture procedure

Safety SubCulture Unit 2 enables a safe and needleless subculture of positive blood culture bottles to slides and media plates. Other subculture devices transfer samples with exposed needles. Protect staff with a safety-oriented subculture solution.

ITL BioMedical

An advanced blood collection device  

The BD Vacutainer UltraTouch Push Button Blood Collection Set features a single-handed, in-vein safety activation. It is designed with BD RightGauge, which reduces the cannula wall thickness and increases the inner diameter of the cannula enabling use of a smaller gauge needle for blood collection without compromising sample quality.