May 2020 Product Focus - SPECIMEN COLLECTION

April 22, 2020

Phlebotomy Channel

Designed for facilities, academic programs and healthcare systems, the Phlebotomy Channel streams 17 training videos wherever there’s a high-speed internet connection. The platform includes CE quizzes to assess comprehension and real-time tracking reports that reflect who watched assigned videos and when. All content reflects the CLSI standards.

Center for Phlebotomy Education (CPE)

A1C Test System

The OneDraw system consists of the OneDraw Blood Collection Device, intended for the collection and stabilization of capillary blood by a healthcare professional, and the OneDraw A1C Test, intended for monitoring the long-term control of blood sugar (glucose) in people with diabetes. The system is patient-friendly and FDA-approved and provides accurate HbA1c results when compared with venipuncture.

Drawbridge Health

Serology Centrifuge 

The SERO 12 is designed for blood typing, cross matching and cell washing using the same rotor as the BD Sero-Fuge. The system easily fits into a blood bank’s existing workflow and allows users to set the spin time in five- or 15-second increments or save validated cycles in one of 10 presets.

Drucker Diagnostics

Blood Collection Sets

The VACUETTE safety blood collection sets are designed to increase the safety of routine venipuncture procedures. The winged blood collection needle has a safety mechanism that is activated after blood collection, as the needle is removed from the vein, for maximum protection against needlestick injuries. An audible click ensures the safety mechanism is properly engaged.

Greiner Bio-One

Capillary Blood Sampling Devices

The Unistik family of products offers items from low flow fingersticks to high flow heelsticks. Products offer multiple activation methods, penetration depths and gauge sizes to meet nearly every capillary testing need.

Owen Mumford

POC Collection Kit

The S-Monovette provides controlled venous sample collection from vascular access lines and easy dispensing for POC testing. The heparin-dosed tube connects to lines with a Luer-lock adapter and can be filled like a syringe. After collection, a dispensing tip adapter is attached for controlled dispensing into POC devices, helping to reduce filling errors that result in test rejection. The analyzer-ready tube can then be sent directly to the lab if confirmation testing is required.


Slide and Cassette Printers

The Signature slide and cassette printers with integrated PTLab software can increase lab efficiency while helping to reduce the risk of specimen misidentification. Labs can print directly onto slides and cassettes, eliminating handwriting or expensive and difficult-to-apply labels. Print text, graphics and logos, along with linear and 2D bar codes, making workflow more efficient while increasing patient safety.

Primera Technology

Sample Transport System

The UniTranz-RT 3ml filled vial and 6” sterile ultrafine flock swab is designed for the collection and preservation of viruses, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma. The ready-to-use system can accommodate different sample sites and is stable at room temperature, and features a leakproof, self-centering cap and a shelf life of 18 months.

Puritan Medical Products