Managing blood products in Cincinnati

May 30, 2019

Hoxworth Blood Center (Cincinnati, OH) has implemented the Biolog Transfusion, an RFID Blood Supply Management solution in order to better track the flow of platelets concentrates and red blood cell concentrates.

The Biolog-id solution was first implemented in 2018 to focus on the distribution and inventory management of Platelet Concentrates (PCs) between the Blood Center and 4 hospitals located nearby.

In 2019, it is also covering the Phenotyped Red Blood Cell Concentrates (RBCs) managed by the Hoxworth Blood Center’s Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (IRL). The laboratory provides testing and consultation to assist hospitals in solving patients’ red blood cell serological problems.

The implementation of the Biolog-Transfusion in Hoxworth Blood Center ensures the availability of platelets concentrates and their on-time delivery while reducing the risk of wastage by implementing a safe return of unused products and more particularly to reduce the transportation costs from the Blood Center to the hospitals, control the shelf life of the remote platelets stock sitting in the hospitals, allow the unused products to return and be reassigned in a timely manner before expiration, reduce wastage of products overall, improve accuracy and documentation of inventory and better comply with regulatory requirements.

Extension on the overall blood product production and supply is under consideration by Hoxworth Blood Center.

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