Leica Microsystems launches microscope

Aug. 26, 2021

Leica Microsystems has announced the launch of the Emspira 3 digital microscope for quality control and inspection.

Emspira 3 combines comparison and measurement, as well as QC documentation sharing directly via a network, into a single system. Users can operate Emspira 3 in stand-alone mode via the on-screen display (OSD) and measure directly during visual inspection without needing a PC.

Emspira 3 stores inspection images and results directly on the local network, minimizing the risk of data loss. The resulting QC documentation is accessible at any time, such as during audits.

The device enables users to inspect confidently and reliably. An IP 21 housing protects the microscope’s internal optics and mechanics. The solution also has other advantages, such as the AgTreat antimicrobial surface, which reduces the risk of germs spreading among users. A fast live image with a resolution of up to 4k is conducive to an upright ergonomic working position.

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