Lab professionals get their continuing education credits from a variety of sources

July 1, 2024
Which are your top sources for continuing education credits?

In a recent MLO survey, we asked readers what their top sources for continuing education credits are.

Of the 161 responses, most go to Media Lab for continuing education credits (44).

Additional results:

·        28 respondents use MLO

·        6 respondents use Medline University

·        8 respondents use Labucate through ASCLS

·        13 respondents use Lab University

·        13 respondents use Labroots

·        2 respondents use 4CEUInc

·        5 respondents use Anderson Continuing Education

·        42 respondents use other sources like ADLM, API, ARUP Labs, ASCP, CAP, CDC, etc.

Visit MLO’s Continuing Education page to see our current CE offerings.