Gavi to boost access to life-saving human rabies vaccines in over 50 countries: Gavi, WHO and UAR

June 14, 2024
Rabies is a viral disease that causes severe inflammation of the brain.

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, in collaboration with partners, is announcing support for human rabies vaccines for post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) as part of routine immunization 

Eligible countries are receiving guidance on how to access these vaccines under Gavi’s cofinancing policy. The first round of applications will be accepted by mid- July 2024.  

Gavi initially agreed to include human rabies vaccines for PEP in its 2021-25 Vaccine Investment Strategy, however the COVID-19 pandemic led to postponement of the program until mid-2023, when the decision to restart was made by Gavi’s Board. 

All Gavi-eligible countries can apply for support to invest in human rabies vaccines for PEP.  Funding will be available for vaccine procurement and associated supplies. Rabies immunoglobulins (RIG) and dog vaccines are not covered by this program. Countries are not required to have a national rabies control plan in place to apply for the first round of multiyear funding, but a national plan will be mandatory for all subsequent applications. 

Funding applications will be accepted by Gavi in 2024 by July 15 and by September 23, 2024, with subsequent funding windows open three times every year.