Product Focus- Lab Safety

March 27, 2023
Workstation model

The Vented Hood Table Top Workstation Model 24200 is constructed of chemical resistant and light weight advanced composites. Molded chemical resistant work surface is recessed to contain spillage, and a three-inch diameter outlet collar is provided for duct connection. Fumes are vented through the integral fume side and rear walls and out the top.


Confidence in capillary sampling

Unistik 3 Side Activated Safety Lancets are designed to reduce pain for patients during sampling while giving healthcare professionals complete confidence and control during capillary blood sampling.  Unistik 3 permanently retracts to help protect against accidental needlestick injuries and features laser-etched lot numbers for complete traceability.

Owen Mumford

More powerful under pressure

Biohazard 95kPa Bags (HCL 20427, 20428) can withstand intense internal pressure and meet the requirements for shipping hazardous liquids by air. A strong adhesive closure and continuous seal ensures bags are also leakproof, which minimizes the risk of spills. Two sizes are available, each with 100 bags per package.

Health Care Logistics

Enhanced safety for challenging situations

Greiner Bio-One's Vacuette SAFETY Blood Collection Set is a sterile, single-use winged needle connected to flexible tubing. The needle design includes an integrated safety shield to protect against needlestick injury. Available configurations of needle gauge, tubing length, luer adapters and standard or blood culture holders offer flexibility in sample collection.

Greiner Bio-One

Eliminate repetitive hand injury in recapping

KapSafe Recapper model# 3101-1102-LS is a bench-top 24” x 24” footprint for the automatic recapping of sample tubes, of various heights, at a throughput of 750 tubes/hour. KapSafe serves to eliminate exposure to repetitive stress injury during manual recapping. Uses muti-tier caps to fit various tube diameters. Other models available.

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