COLA, Inc. launches revitalizing direction with new logo

Aug. 2, 2019

In a press release, COLA Inc., a national laboratory accreditor and a champion for quality laboratory medicine and patient care, announced that it is changing its corporate logo. The change comes after COLA’s CEO Nancy Stratton celebrated her one-year anniversary with the organization.

Stratton introduces the new logo and the revitalizing direction for COLA Inc., expressing excitement about the new direction, and the upcoming initiatives to broaden COLA’s services in a new video. She also highlights this year as the 30th anniversary of the first laboratory accredited by COLA Inc. in January 1989.

“Over the past year, I really have gotten to know this organization. During that time, I found that COLA has so much to offer from constructive inspections to quality best practice resources to accessible subject matter experts to standardized and customer-driven business practices and much more,” Stratton said. “We have decided to refine our logo to illustrate the revitalization of COLA as we execute new initiatives to better serve the field of laboratory medicine and to share the organization’s invigorated direction that you will be hearing about throughout the year.”

Click here to view the video