Staying connected to a dedicated “fan” base

Sept. 21, 2017

Like virtually any other business, laboratories are highly competitive. So, when patients can make their own choices in selecting a laboratory for testing, you want them to not only find your laboratory, but stay with yours for any future testing that may be needed not only for them but for their family and friends as well.

One big way to help accomplish this is by keeping patients engaged, because generally speaking, engaged patients are satisfied patients, and satisfied patients will not only return, they’ll recommend your laboratory to others. And, they will be more inclined to post positive—not negative—online comments about your laboratory.

A key feature of a good EMR/EHR is the way it should provide tools for patient engagement, from a 24 x 7 x 365 portal for scheduling appointments, to completing forms and “paperwork” online prior to their arrival, to secure “chatting” without having to call the laboratory, wait on hold, and tie up laboratory staff.

If the system also supports an automated mechanism for proactively keeping in contact with patients such as with appointment reminders and instructions via texts/emails/phone calls, so much the better. This type of capability can be used for broadcasting interesting blips of information about the laboratory, inclement weather closings, new hours, and so on.

Keeping yours as a “top of mind laboratory” when testing is needed by an engaged group of patients should work to retain them, and even expand the laboratory’s patient population.

—Marc E. Klar, VP
Advanced Data Systems
MedicsPremier for Laboratories