Proscia and Nucleai partner to broaden access to AI predictive biomarkers

June 26, 2024
Expanding Proscia’s precision medicine AI pipeline will help to optimize clinical trials and improve treatment decisions.

Proscia has partnered with Nucleai. At the center of the collaboration, the companies will integrate Nucleai’s predictive biomarker solutions into Proscia’s Concentriq software platform and make them available as part of Proscia’s precision medicine AI portfolio.

Nucleai’s predictive biomarkers create an AI-guided spatial map of a patient biopsy that helps laboratories to target recruitment and optimize execution for the clinical trials they support. The same spatial mapping will also enable Nucleai’s applications to serve as companion diagnostics that match patients to the most effective treatment.

Proscia’s Concentriq is an enterprise pathology platform for all digital pathology data and AI-enabled workflows from discovery to diagnosis.

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