New AI technology is helping UC Davis physicians quickly identify stroke

Feb. 27, 2024
Image-based artificial intelligence analyzes a patient's computerized tomography (CT) scan and alerts care team within minutes.

UC Davis Health has adopted a new technology platform,, to help quickly identify patients suspected of having a stroke.

The platform utilizes image-based artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze a patient’s computerized tomography (CT) scan and alert care teams of a potential stroke within minutes. The platform complies with federal patient privacy laws under HIPAA, allowing the care team to communicate securely.

In addition to coordinating care within the hospital, will let remote and regional hospitals securely share critical patient images and information with experts at the nationally recognized UC Davis Health Comprehensive Stroke Center.

From January 2019 to mid-November 2023, UC Davis Health provided more than 4,000 stroke consultations to hospitals in Northern California and as far away as Oregon and Nevada. During that same time, more than 800 stroke patients from regional hospitals were admitted to UC Davis Health for treatment.

Sharing medical images and information for these consultations or transfers can be challenging. Some patients transferred to UC Davis for stroke care arrive with their medical imaging stored on CDs — technology that dates to the 1980s. These images will now be shared within minutes, allowing UC Davis clinicians to make more informed decisions before patient transfers.

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