DeepMirror launches early access program for its intuitive molecular drug design software

Dec. 11, 2023
Innovative product enables medicinal chemists to access and integrate AI to boost productivity and creativity and accelerate therapeutic drug discovery.

DeepMirror, a University of Cambridge spin-out company developing intuitive design software for the discovery of novel therapeutic drugs, announced the launch of its Early Access Programme after a successful closed beta program during which chemists were invited to test the software over several months.

The software allows users to tap into AI-driven insights to improve and accelerate molecular design across the drug discovery pipeline through a secure and user-friendly interface which makes AI-powered drug discovery as simple as using a spreadsheet.

AI-enabled drug discovery programs often start with pharmaceutical companies partnering with AI companies to deliver insights for their drug discovery efforts. However, this approach requires extensive crosstalk between the two parties, resulting in long waiting times and large amounts of resources spent on both sides. DeepMirror aims to solve this issue by enabling R&D teams to carry out AI-driven research from day one, with seamless workflow integration and without the need to engage external stakeholders, develop internal teams or software, or relinquish any intellectual property.

DeepMirror release