AI model isolates olive oil ingredients that may fight Alzheimer's

Aug. 7, 2023
The results provide evidence for where the potential benefits of EVOO may come from and point to an important role for AI in identifying and developing new therapeutics.

A growing body of evidence suggests extra virgin olive oil can help prevent cognitive decline due to Alzheimer's disease.

In a new study, Yale School of Medicine researchers led by Natalie Neumann, MD, trained a machine learning algorithm on current experimental Alzheimer's drugs, then used it to identify the 10 phytochemicals in EVOO with the greatest chance of being active against Alzheimer's disease.

In order from the highest to lowest likelihood, the phytochemicals were quercetin, genistein, luteolin, palmitoleate, stearic acid, apigenin, epicatechin, kaempferol, squalene, and daidzein.

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