AI used to predict future flares of ulcerative colitis activity

March 7, 2023
Ulcerative colitis assessment could be improved after new research shows that an AI model could predict flare-ups and complications after reading biopsies.

In a new paper published in Gastroenterology on March 3, researchers supported by the National Institute for Health and Care Research Birmingham Biomedical Research Centre have trialed an AI diagnostic tool that can read digitized biopsies taken during colonoscopy.

The computer-aided diagnostic model was able to predict the risk of flare-ups for ulcerative colitis, which is a relapsing-remitting condition and makes the prognosis for the disease uncertain. In the trial, the model was able to predict patients at risk of a flare in the disease as well as humans.

The system was trained on existing digitized biopsies and was able to detect activity related to ulcerative colitis with 89% accuracy for positive results. It was also able to identify markers of inflammation activity and healing in the same area as biopsies were taken with 80% accuracy, similar to human pathologists.

University of Birmingham release