BD leverages AI in microbiology urine testing

May 27, 2021

BD announced the U.S. launch of a urine culture application for use with the BD Kiestra lab automation incubation and imaging system, according to a news release from the company. 

Designed using artificial intelligence (AI) and leveraging BD BBL plated media, the application uses digital imaging and software algorithms to determine the amount of growth on a urine culture plate from clean caught and catheterized samples. The BD Kiestra system's incubation and imaging device uses high-throughput robotics to perform time series imaging, coupled with machine learning, so that plates with no significant growth can be released for disposal and plates with significant growth automatically go into a queue for clinician analysis.

In many labs, urine cultures make up a significant part of the daily workload — however, the majority of those samples have no growth or non-significant growth and don't require any additional work-up. Batch review of large volumes of plates with non-significant growth and release can help medical laboratorians focus their time and expertise on more clinically relevant tasks.

The new urine culture app can be used with both standalone BD Kiestra ReadA systems as well as track-based BD Kiestra laboratory automation solutions.

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