Mayo and Verily to develop clinical analytic tools

Sept. 3, 2021

Mayo Clinic and Verily, a subsidiary of Alphabet, will partner to develop clinical decision-support tools for clinicians.

Mayo will provide curated clinical content rooted in its multidisciplinary and multispecialty practice to Verily. In turn, Verily will apply advanced clinical analytics and user-centered design to deliver care insights that are integrated into the workflow of healthcare providers

Initially, Mayo Clinic and Verily will focus on a set of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic conditions, with the aim to help guide clinicians toward the highest-quality care.

The decision support tool will be developed based on a broad range of health-relevant data sources, including Mayo-vetted clinical knowledge and de-identified health record data. The tool will use open standards to enable integration with multiple commercial electronic health records. It will be first deployed at Mayo Clinic with the opportunity to extend the new solution to Verily's health system partners and customers.

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