NovoPath expands its list of partners to include Leica Biosystems and OpenText RightFax

Jan. 13, 2015

As part of its ongoing efforts to maximize automation and tracking specimens in anatomic pathology (AP) laboratories, NovoPath has recently announced partnerships with both OpenText, to integrate OpenText RightFax Express with NovoPath’s AP LIS, and with Leica Biosystems, to support enhanced histology workflow through the seamless integration of labelers, strainers, and other pieces of equipment found in the histology labs.

According to NovoPath spokespersons, the integration of NovoPath with selected Leica Biosystems equipment in the histology lab will help to reduce human identification errors and identify problems before they lead to any patient safety risks. This integration will enable labs to electronically track samples from specimen receipt to result delivery, as well as provide necessary data to identify bottlenecks and improve workflow efficiency.

The integrated solution with OpenText RightFax Express delivers benefits to labs and clinicians by eliminating redundant steps and automating time-intensive, manual, paper-driven processes, including faxing of completed patient reports. The result is reduced paper-based operational costs, increased employee productivity, and decreased security risks associated with stand-alone fax machines and email communications.

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