Biocept and Insight Genetics collaborate to advance non-small cell lung cancer diagnosis and treatment

Jan. 9, 2015

Biocept, Inc., a molecular oncology diagnostics company specializing in biomarker analysis of cell-free circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) and circulating tumor cells (CTCs), and Insight Genetics, a molecular diagnostic assay development company, have announced a collaboration to generate an enhanced diagnostic for the expression and mutation of ALK, a major therapeutic target in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

As part of the initial collaboration, Biocept and Insight Genetics will evaluate the combination of both companies' platform technologies to enhance detection of ALK status in NSCLC patients. Biocept’s proprietary technology will be used to capture and analyze CTCs and ctDNA. Insight Genetics will then utilize its technical expertise and proprietary evaluation methods to determine ALK expression, and whether the gene has mutated over the course of cancer treatment. The initial aim of the collaboration is to better identify and monitor patients who may benefit from existing ALK-based therapies as well as those who may benefit from second-generation therapies based on inhibitor resistance mechanisms.

ALK is incorporated into the testing guidelines utilized by oncologists when making treatment decisions in NSCLC patients. ALK positive patients now have targeted treatment options with two key drugs that have been approved by the FDA: the first is Pfizer's Xalkori (Crizotinib), and the second is Novartis's Zykadia (ceritinib); others are in development.

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