Temperature control

Nov. 20, 2014
Enviro-Safe & Red Spirit Temp-Chex thermometers

Streck’s Enviro-Safe and Red Spirit Temp-Chex thermometers monitor refrigerators, freezers, incubators, and room temperatures. All Temp-Chex thermometers are mercury-free, and Enviro-Safe thermometers utilize only biodegradable, nontoxic, and nonflammable components. Streck’s Temp-Chex Digital measures temperatures from -50º to 200ºC, and offers the convenience of an easy-to-read display and minimum/maximum temperature memory. All Temp-Chex thermometers are NIST-traceable. 


EchoTherm HS65 

The EchoTherm HS65 fully programmable digital stirring hot plate has 5-stirring positions for use in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, and biochemical labs. The unit can store 10 programs in memory with 10 steps; each step includes a temperature, temperature ramp rate, stirring speed, and time. Each program can repeat itself automatically from one to 98 times. All programs are stored electronically and allow for walk-away automation. Each stirring position can be set to the same speed or to individual speeds. Non-programmed operation is also available. The plate surface can be heated from ambient to 400°C. Plate surface temperature or solution temperature is controlled directly to 1°C of the target. Accuracy is 1% of the reading using platinum RTD circuitry. The units are supplied with immersion probe and temperature calibration certificate traceable to NIST.

Torrey Pines Scientific 

DirecTemp thermometers

DirecTemp precision USB thermometers from QTI Sensing Solutions capture and display temperatures in real-time. Tolerances as tight as ± 0.05°C (0°C to 70°C), and ±0.1°C (0°C to 100°C) are available. Probe and cable types can be easily customized. DirecTemp thermometers are available with two interface options: plug-and-play or virtual serial port. The plug-and-play configuration features automatic installation for users with Microsoft Windows 2000 or newer, while the USB-serial configuration allows the sensor to be integrated with third-party applications, or Linux or Mac operating systems. DirecTemp sensors can be recalibrated and returned to service for extended life. These USB thermometers are RoHS compliant, and NIST certificates are available upon request.

QTI Sensing Solutions

High-performing refrigerators 

Phononic's line of high-performing refrigerators provides temperature uniformity, stability, and accuracy. The refrigerators are energy-efficient and sustainable. The operation features include no flammable or toxic refrigerants along with semiconductor-based cooling and heating technology allowing for noise- and vibration-free operation.  The product enables remote connectivity access to critical digital data logging records and responds to alarms and control, adjusting temperatures as needed. The refrigerators also provide uninterrupted protection of samples in the event of power failures. The products are scalable and adaptable; units can be freestanding or built-in.


BioT Temperature Stability Systems

The BioCision BioT Temperature Stability Systems are mobile temperature management products that support transport and handling of temperature-sensitive biomaterials. The BioT ULT Transporter, a portable freezing and transport solution, enables the safe transport of valuable biological samples, drugs, vaccines and other biomaterials.  The dry ice-based BioT ULT Transporter is a portable system that addresses common methods of cooling that are insufficient, such as placing valuable biospecimens on dry ice in a styrofoam box. Utilizing the BioCision patent-pending DIR cooling technology, BioT ULT Transporter provides a stable <-70°C to -50°C environment for over 24 hours with minimal dry ice, ensuring all samples are safely contained within this temperature range.