Precision Antibody awarded SBIR contract to develop antibodies for SISCAPA assays

Nov. 10, 2014

Precision Antibody, a provider of contract antibody services, in partnership with SISCAPA Assay Technologies (SAT), has successfully completed a Phase I SBIR contract from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to develop high-affinity, anti-peptide antibodies for mass-spectrometry-based serum biomarker detection/quantification assays. The development of these high-affinity reagents and tools for protein biomarker measurement is important, since there are more than 2,000 potential proteins of interest in cancer research and only 109 protein biomarkers currently cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for diagnostic tests.

Under SBIR contract HHSN261201300074C, Precision Antibody successfully developed high affinity mouse monoclonal antibodies to be used as reagents for the SISCAPA (Stable Isotope Standards and Capture by Anti-Peptide Antibodies) technology. This contract relied on Precision Antibody’s three new proprietary technologies: Affinity Boost, SMART Fusion, and SeleKDt technology. Using these technologies, Precision Antibody developed murine monoclonal antibodies with high affinity and low off-rates, which are not normally achieved in mouse monoclonal antibody development, making them specifically suited for immunoprecipitation and mass spectrometry analysis like the SISCAPA technology.

SAT screened the antibody candidates developed by Precision Antibody and selected the best antibodies for use in SISCAPA applications. SISCAPA is an established technology for targeted protein quantitation that combines antibody-based peptide enrichment with quantitative mass spectrometry. Such technology requires high-quality and highly specific antibodies and facilitates multiplexed measurement of proteins from biological samples. Learn more about SISCAPA assay technologies.

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