AIT Laboratories to offer depression blood test from Ridge Diagnostics

Oct. 6, 2014

AIT Laboratories has announced that it will offer the proprietary MDDScore Depression Blood Test developed by Ridge Diagnostics. This agreement makes AIT the exclusive distributor in both pain management and chemical dependency programs. MDDScore demonstrates objective biological information derived from physiological changes to aid in the diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

MDDScore is a multi-analyte blood test utilizing nine serum biomarkers associated with depression. The test provides a score in a range from one to nine, where a score below five indicates low likelihood of MDD and five or above indicates high likelihood of MDD. Providers can use the score along with other clinical, medical, and laboratory information to aid in the diagnosis and management of MDD.

Providers who treat chronic pain are expected to have interest in this test due to the frequent co-occurrence of chronic pain and depression. MDDScore gives pain management providers a quantitative biological measurement to support a clinical judgment of probable MDD and aid in the development of targeted treatment plans for chronic pain patients that can reduce the need for opioids.

“Ridge Diagnostics is very pleased to have a partner who is actively changing the way physicians manage their patients with chronic pain, and is also well established in the pain management and chemical dependency testing market,” says Lonna J. Williams, Ridge Diagnostics CEO. “AIT is pleased to offer the proprietary MDDScore and help physicians and pain management professionals better diagnose and treat their patients,” adds R. Matthew Neff, AIT President and CEO.

Watch two videos that illustrate the procedure for drawing and processing a specimen for the Ridge Diagnostics MDD Score test, and the procedure for packaging and shipping.

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