Brady releases “Sample Certainty” paper on how specimen labeling impacts productivity and cost

Aug. 27, 2014

Milwaukee, WI-based Brady, a provider of product and facility identification solutions, today has released a “Sample Certainty” white paper. The report explains important aspects of sample labeling, including the cost of sample loss, common sample errors, and best practices for labeling and tracking samples.

“As science continues to advance, the amount of samples being processed in the lab and sent between labs is growing. In order to keep these samples safe and the information on labels clear and intact, effective labeling and tracking processes must be established,” says Dana Ray, global market manager, lab and medical, for Brady. “When labels fail, lab professionals are faced with inconveniences ranging from minor slowdowns to major devastation. These setbacks can incur costs and impact patient care, but with the proper label materials and processes in place, this problem can be avoided.”

Brady’s white paper provides valuable industry examples on how label failure impacts labs and offers effective solutions to mitigate sample loss and improve efficiency. The report explains industry regulations that are in place to improve lab practices and explores how the use of barcoding systems, label materials designed for lab environments, and printed label information can reduce sample errors. Download the white paper.

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