Orchard Software releases enhanced Copia EHR connectivity solution

Aug. 13, 2014

Representatives of Orchard Software recently announced the release of Orchard Copia version 6.0, which incorporates a wide array of new features to enhance the versatility of the Internet browser-based outreach and EHR integration tool. Orchard Copia is a SQL-based, Lab/EHR integration engine designed for complex outreach business scenarios such as those found in hospitals and independent reference laboratories serving multiple professional entities.

Orchard Copia’s order entry screen offers configurability down to what the individual user sees at sign in. Rules-based decision-support technology provides additional configurability for order entry and result delivery. Via rules, Copia automatically determines where the testing should be performed, compiles the results, and delivers a single patient report to the ordering provider at the designated location. Providers may view all testing for a patient, no matter which lab performed the tests, through a single user interface via the web. Orchard Copia can email providers when new results are available, and security settings in Copia provide the necessary flexibility for maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Orchard Copia is built on a SQL database platform, including self-maintenance with SQL Server AlwaysOn technology. For additional scalability, a distributed Apache Tomcat install is available. Some of the enhanced features in Copia version 6.0 include new options for report formatting; the ability to implement custom menus; enhanced adaptability for remote label printing; search functionality advancements; and Copia Mobile and Email support. The Copia Mobile module has been enhanced to provide the ability to generate collection lists within the mobile application. Learn more about the Orchard Copia SQL-based, lab/EHR integration engine.

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