Technical feasibility established for MosaiQ CMV and Syphilis disease screening assays

June 25, 2014

Quotient Limited, a commercial-stage diagnostics company, has announced that results generated using the MosaiQ methodology demonstrated a high degree of concordance to predicate technologies screening blood for cytomegalovirus (CMV) and syphilis. The feasibility study was conducted in collaboration with Future Diagnostics Solutions B.V. (Wijchen, The Netherlands) and examined a total of 274 positive and negative samples.

The MosaiQ methodology exceeded Quotient's target of concordance levels for both the syphilis and CMV assays. Findings from the study showed that MosaiQ detected 29 positive syphilis blood samples versus 29 for the comparator, while MosaiQ did not detect syphilis in 104 negative samples versus 104 for the comparator, representing concordance of 100%. MosaiQ detected 113 positive CMV blood samples versus 114 for the comparator, while MosaiQ did not detect CMV in 27 negative samples versus 27 for the comparator, representing concordance of 99.3%. As a result of the positive study results, Quotient now plans to complete the development and verification of the CMV and Syphilis assays for inclusion on the MosaiQ disease screening consumable.

“This represents very positive concordance results for the syphilis and CMV assays, reinforcing the utility of MosaiQ as an innovative and disruptive transfusion diagnostics platform,” says Paul Cowan, Chairman and CEO of Quotient Limited. We plan to include CMV and Syphilis on the initial disease screening consumable for donor testing, providing this very important customer group with a highly cost-effective solution that complements the blood grouping capabilities of MosaiQ.”

MosaiQ is currently in development and is not available for sale in the United States. The company plans to begin field trials in the second half of 2015. Read more about MosaiQ.

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