CompanionDx Reference Lab and Rx Review Service join to deliver pharmacogenomics

June 18, 2014

CompanionDx Reference Lab, a high-complexity CLIA-certified laboratory specializing in pharmacogenomics, cancer companion diagnostics, targeted NGS, and epigenomics testing is partnering with Rx Review Service LLC. The latter is a hospital-based pharmacy replenishment program administrator geared toward efficient medication distribution through all patient demographics. This partnership will expand markets and promote pharmacogenomic testing to a global audience.

“Recognizing the changing dynamics of healthcare through personalized medicine, CompanionDx Lab and Rx Review Service seek to increase availability of qualified and reliable pharmacogenomic testing to healthcare institutions and physician practices to better optimize patient therapy,” says Michael Stewart, CEO of CompanionDx Lab.

“The partnership provides an opportunity to bring the benefits of pharmacogenomic testing to the entire healthcare industry,” says Jerry Wanio, president of Rx Review Service. “We are excited about the advancement of personalized medicine and the goal toward safe and effective medication choices. We recognize that improved patient outcomes, reduced waste, and increased cost savings to healthcare institutions, physicians, and patients will be realized as a result of individualized dosages that specifically target an illness.” Learn more about CompanionDx Lab.

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