Cancer Genetics will partner with AstraZeneca to provide biomarker and molecular-based testing

June 11, 2014

Cancer Genetics, Inc., manufacturer of DNA-based cancer diagnostics, has been selected by AstraZeneca CAMCAR, S.A., a division of multinational pharmaceutical and biologics company AstraZeneca serving Central American and Caribbean countries, to provide biomarker-based diagnostic testing for cancer. Under the terms of the agreement, CGI will perform complex testing for diagnosis and prognosis of cancer patients in Central America and the Caribbean. CGI will work in close conjunction with AZ-CAMCAR on exploring expansion opportunities into additional geographic territories and further oncology categories, and into select oncology trials.

“We chose to partner with Cancer Genetics in this endeavor because of its experience in biomarker-based diagnostic testing and commitment to delivering timely and accurate results to healthcare professionals and patients,” says Rodrigo Fernandez, Country President of AstraZeneca CAMCAR, S.A.

Says Panna Sharma, Cancer Genetics CEO, “We believe our ability to provide accurate, state-of-the-art, biomarker-based testing was a key factor in AstraZeneca's decision to partner with us. We are committed to positively impacting cancer care globally, and this relationship serves as another major milestone in fulfilling that mission.”

The relationship is expected to concentrate on multiple cancer categories, with lung cancer being an initial area of focus. According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), lung cancer is the third-most common cancer and the leading cause of cancer deaths in the Americas, with more than 300,000 new cases and nearly 250,000 deaths each year. PAHO expects the number of new cases and deaths to double in Latin America by 2030. Read more about products provided by Cancer Genetics.

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