May 18, 2014

Cellular analysis system 

The Beckman Coulter UniCelDxH 600 Coulter Cellular Analysis System, for mid-to-high volume laboratories, features high-definition signal processing and multi-angle light scatter technology, which produce 10 times more data than traditional hematology analyzers. Moving parts and tubing on this system have been minimized to increase instrument reliability and technologist safety. The instrument’s modular design and small footprint make it an excellent solution for the Lean lab, either as a standalone or benchtop solution. The System features software and innovations in hematology testing, as well as customized decision rules to help reduce review rates and improve TATs; partially released patient results manually or automatically via decision rules; and automated repeat testing for workflow efficiency. Beckman Coulter 

Calibration verification assessment

Streck’s Calibration Verification Assessment (CVA) is an assayed linearity control kit used to determine the patient reportable range of 3-part and 5-part hematology instruments. It also measures the linear performance of the analyzer. Each kit has customized ranges appropriate for each instrument model and provides instrument-specific assay values for the white blood count, platelet, red blood count and hemoglobin parameters. Open-vial stability is five days and closed-vial stability is 120 days. Streck 

Slide staining system

The Hematek 3000 System from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics provides semi-automated slide staining to laboratories. The system is capable of staining up to 60 slides per hour, and its continuous-feed loading platform eliminates wasted time associated with batch staining methods. Individual, consistent slide staining enables standardization to help ensure accurate identification of white blood cells, red blood cell morphology and platelet assessment. Slides are immediately available for viewing upon completion of staining, and the Hematek rinse reagent contains the optimal alcohol concentration for proper slide drying. The Hematek 3000 System's “all-in-one” stain pack includes stain for up to 900 slides and offers easy load-and-go operation and minimal hands-on time. A simple pump release mechanism streamlines maintenance, and system warnings alert users of low stain-level and full waste bin to help ensure uninterrupted, quality results. The Hematek 3000 is also RoHs-compliant, which guarantees the system incorporates environmentally friendly, sustainable substances.Siemens

Piercing system 

The CAPILLARYS 2 Flex Piercing System for whole blood hemoglobinopathy/thalassemia testing by capillary electrophoresis (CE) provides high-resolution hemoglobin separation with a throughput of 37 results per hour. The fully automated system has cap piercing capabilities and automatically inverts each tube prior to sampling to ensure thorough homogenization and accurate results. An accurate HbA2 value is provided with no interference from HbS or HbE. Migration zones and drop down menus assist with presumptive hemoglobin variant identification. CAPILLARYS 2 Flex Piercing provides full traceability from bar-coded primary sample tube to final result. Color coding of results by the instrument software allows easy detection of Hb variant samples while reviewing multiple patients simultaneously. A complete instrument test menu includes HbA1c, serum and urine protein and immunotyping, and CDT (chronic alcohol abuse marker). All tests are FDA-cleared. Sebia