April 18, 2014

Direct draw tube collection

Cyto-Chex BCT, Streck’s direct-draw tube for the collection and preservation of whole blood samples for immunophenotyping by flow cytometry, is now available as a 2.0 ml draw tube. The tube’s preservative maintains the integrity of the white blood cell cluster of differentiation (CD) markers of the HIV panel for up to 14 days at room temperature, allowing for convenient transport and storage. Available in 6 and 100 tube sets; also available in 5.0 ml draw tube. Streck

Rotational safety shield modification

Greiner Bio-One presents a modification to its Vacuette Quickshield safety tube holder. The Vacuette Quickshield with snappy holder is now availabe with a rotational safety shield feature. With this modification, the Vacuette Quickshield safety tube holder will no longer have a stationary safety shield. The safety shield has the ability to be placed anywhere on the holder according to user preference. The modified product will also be able to accommodate the Vacuette multi-sample needle as well as the Visio Plus multi-sample needle with a ‘flash’ window. Greiner Bio-one

Blood collection set 

The VanishPoint blood collection set from Retractable Technologies, Inc., features automated in-vein retraction that reduces the risk of needle stick injuries and blood exposure. The safety mechanism is activated by depressing a retraction trigger that is located near the finger-grip area. This allows for easy one-handed activation, without changes in hand position, while reducing the risk of inadvertent activation. The needle is retracted directly from the patient, eliminating exposure to the automated needle. The needle retraction automatically clamps the tubing, reducing the risk of exposure to blood. The VanishPoint blood collection set is not made with natural rubber latex, DEHP, or PVC.  The kink-resistant tubing is available in 7″ and 12″ lengths. The clear body allows for flashback visualization. Removable luer adapter is included. Retractable Technologies

Heel stick testing 

PlatinumCode has added pediatric pressure-activated safety heel stick devices to its lineup of products. PlatinumCode offers pressure-activated heel stick devices in four sizes and colors, ranging in blade depth. Each heel stick device features a usage indicator and activation mechanism. The heel stick design is patented, FDA-approved, and ISO-certified. Each heel stick device is blister-packed and sterilized. The heel stick devices are pressure-activated, allowing for an easier and quicker procedure than with heel stick devices that require a button push or pre-loading. Platinum Code