Strand Genomics and BioHealth Innovation partner to expand Strand Centers for Genomics and Personalized Medicine

March 28, 2014

Strand Genomics, Inc., (Strand) and BioHealth Innovation, Inc., (BHI) have announced a strategic partnership designed to expand the Strand Centers for Genomics and Personalized Medicine into the United States. This effort is intended to help revolutionize access to genomic interpretation services in cardiovascular disease, oncology, rare diseases, and other indications. Strand Genomics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Strand Life Sciences, a Bangalore, India-based bioinformatics, clinical genomics, and diagnostics company.

Strand operates clinical genomics and diagnostics laboratories in India that perform end-to-end clinical genomics services, such as testing and diagnostics, for healthcare systems in that country. Strand now provides diagnostic tests based on next-generation sequencing to more than 50 major hospitals in India. The company is expanding globally and is actively seeking partnerships with hospitals, molecular diagnostic companies, and academic medical centers looking to offer genomics-based diagnostics tests.

BHI, a Maryland-based innovation intermediary, will be integral in supporting the market penetration of Strand’s services into the U.S. healthcare system by connecting Strand with key market channels, thus providing access to genomics services to more patients and healthcare providers.

Dr. Vijay Chandru, Chairman and CEO, Strand Genomics, says, “We are excited about this partnership with BHI. We believe this can accelerate the implementation of genomics-based diagnostics in the clinical setting.” Richard Bendis, President and CEO, BioHealth Innovation, adds, “BHI is embracing the opportunity to work with Strand Genomics. Building off the success the company has had in India, Strand can make a meaningful difference in the integration of genomics-based diagnostics in the U.S. healthcare system.” Read about genomics solutions offered by Strand.

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