Automated TruSeq Stranded Total RNA library preparation method released for Eppendorf epMotion

March 13, 2014

Eppendorf has announced the release of the epMotion automation method for Illumina’s TruSeq Stranded Total RNA library preparation kit for next-generation sequencing (NGS) as “Illumina Qualified.” “Illumina Qualified” indicates that Illumina’s analysis of libraries prepared with this epMotion method has shown the libraries to perform comparably to those prepared manually.

Sample preparation for NGS involves extensive manual processing that can affect reproducibility. According to company representatives, Eppendorf epMotion Liquid Handling systems are important tools that enable labs to significantly increase throughput and consistency of results. They add that automation of labor-intensive steps in NGS sample prep, such as pipetting, mixing, temperature control, and magnetic separation, brings about a standardized and streamlined process, with significantly reduced hands-on time and minimization of human errors.

“Eppendorf’s method for TruSeq Stranded Total RNA provides our customers with another great option for high throughput automation,” says Peter Fromen, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Illumina. “Eppendorf is one of the leading providers of automation to NGS users, and we are looking forward to additional methods from them in the near future.” Additional automated methods for NGS library preparation from Illumina are currently in development. Learn more about epMotion.

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