Feb. 16, 2014

Management software program

Orchard Trellis is a cost-effective orders and results management software program that serves as a simple “review, click, and go” bridge for electronically passing orders and results between remote, low-volume POC analyzers and an EHR. Whether POC testing occurs in a protime clinic, a pediatrician’s office, a lipid clinic, or any other remote POC testing facility, Trellis is a flexible solution designed to enable connectivity and electronically integrate POC results back into an EHR.Orchard Software Corporation

GYN cytology screening

NovoPath introduces CytoTouch for GYN cytology screening. CytoTouch dramatically reduces the time necessary to manage and report GYN patient results while increasing accuracy. It integrates seamlessly with either 1D or 2D barcode scanners so workflow becomes more streamlined, reducing the potential for data entry error. Electronic screening sheets are customized to incorporate, or duplicate, new processes while providing touch screen access to patient histories. CytoTouch is incorporated in the core NovoPath anatomic pathology LIS for complete access by pathology professionals requiring additional patient data, with data mining capability. Novopath

Open automation solution

Cerner Labotix supports the modern laboratory’s long-term investment strategy for laboratory automation. Cerner Labotix, designed on the principle of being device agnostic, uncouples the short-term replacement life cycle and the capital and operating investments associated with analyzers. Cerner Labotix allows users the ability to reconfigure the track system, providing flexibility and scalability to help absorb dramatic market shifts. Increasing efficiency by streamlining workflow within the lab can lead to enhanced profitability. Cerner Labotix is a unique open automation solution that leverages a flexible track configuration that can help maximize the investment while avoiding disruptive changes to the workflow. Cerner Corp

Customized LIS workstation

With the growing adoption of electronic health record (EHR) systems, physician office laboratories are faced with integrating laboratory instruments to the EHR. Apex Healthware provides the POL with a customized, cost-effective LIS designed to integrate lab results into any certified EHR. One Apex workstation can connect up to eight instruments from any manufacturer, including CLIA-waived and vital sign devices. Quality Control and preparation of CLIA compliance reports assist the POL in meeting regulatory requirements. The Apex LIS helps eliminate manual data entry and offers additional ways to streamline workflow. Information flows quickly and accurately between lab instrumentation and an EHR, increasing productivity and improving patient care.Apex Healthware

Cost effective informatics solution

PathView Systems introduces Progeny 2014, updated and enhanced to support new trends and requirements in the APLIS marketplace. Anatomic Pathology laboratories with cytology and molecular testing services will be better prepared to deal with Meaningful Use metrics, ICD10 coding conversion, LOINC coding, and discrete data extraction. User-defined workflow and reflex testing, comprehensive material tracking, affordable interfacing capabilities, user-controlled reporting formats, and an intuitive user interface all combine to deliver a dynamic, cost effective informatics solution. Progeny APLIS supports an open architecture that allows universal connectivity and the ability to scale from small, independent laboratories to large, multi-hospital organizations. Pathview Systems

Pathology information system

WindoPath is a full-featured anatomic pathology information system with a modular, customizable design. The design allows quick and easy adaptation to the specific needs of laboratories of all sizes and testing capabilities, including hospitals, private pathology groups, commercial labs, physician office labs, cytogenetics, and molecular labs. WPTox is an LIS specifically built in collaboration with customers using WindoPath. This toxicology LIS has features and workflows that are specific for drug testing and pain management. It can be used as a stand-alone toxicology information system or as part of a complete laboratory information system. E.dashboard is a laboratory extension module providing a real-time laboratory management dashboard and standard management reports as an addition to the WindoPath LIS. Psyche Systems

Inventory management software

The InvMan system, now in version 7, provides a wide range of functions for the medical laboratory. The system allows laboratorians to track all reagent and supply quantities; receive automatic alerts for reagents set to expire; organize reagents by function and departments for ease of review and analysis; maintain an equipment inventory; and track all service with links to the field service report and the life cycle of all equipment. There are links to the current package insert for all reagents and the SDS (MSDS). When reagents and supplies need to be ordered, the software can produce a purchase order/request automatically based upon current quantities and need. InvMan provides an organized system to control distribution of supplies to off-site locations. Cove Laboratory Software

Specimen data management

Sunquest Laboratory is a comprehensive, high-performance, information system that manages specimen data from requisition entry through specimen tracking to final cumulative report production. The highly flexible system allows clients to create a custom laboratory system, meeting virtually all user-specific requirements. Sunquest Laboratory provides self-prompting operator interaction and in-depth quality control and quality assurance testing, and delivers comprehensive patient and management reporting, while offering automated filing option for online instrument results. Sunquest Laboratory delivers comprehensive interfacing to instruments, reference labs, and HIS and physician office systems, and a wide range of features that assist in regulatory compliance. It also offers the ability to define critical definitions, parameters, and formats, so each laboratory can tailor system features to meet its business and workflow needs.Sunquest

Integrating software

Mediware delivers a blood management software system that integrates seamlessly with hospital LIS/EMR/EHR systems. HCLL Transfusion’s interoperability improves efficiencies and addresses safety concerns, enabling healthcare organizations to enhance care processes while decreasing costs. The 510 (k) cleared system features a contemporary look and intuitive functionality for easier navigation and user experience while giving users the confidence to stay ahead of regulatory changes. HCLL Transfusion also offers improved efficiency and safety through its intelligent integration with BloodSafe for remote storage and release right at the point of use.Mediware

Customizable order menu

Comp Pro Med, Inc., developer of laboratory information system software, has released its Polytech WebLab System. This new feature of Comp Pro Med’s polytech for windows laboratory information system (LIS) allows laboratory clients to place orders and view results easily and securely with a standard internet browser. Key features include customizable order menu, password protected with layers of encryption for security, and ease of use. Comp Pro Med Inc.

Laboratory information and connectivity solution

CGM LabDAQ Laboratory Information System is a laboratory information and connectivity solution. CGM LabDAQ LIS improves workflow in the laboratory through hundreds of analyzer interfaces. Features include: user defined rules, order routing, medical necessity checking, web-based ordering and results retrieval, rules-based technology, and scheduled Quality Control. HL7 interfaces achieve total integration of laboratory data and assist in compliance with new healthcare regulations and meeting Meaningful Use criteria. CGM LabDAQ's QC module offers electronic review of QC and aids with inspections. CompuGroup Medical

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