Eppendorf launches five new epMotion models

Jan. 23, 2014

Eppendorf has launched five new models in its epMotion range of automated pipetting systems. Company spokespersons say that the epMotion 5075 systems are designed for effective, automated liquid-handling applications and provide a precise, accurate alternative to manual pipetting and liquid-handling tasks. They assert that the combination of accelerated operational speed, new software and hardware features, and an increased number of worktable positions makes the systems ideal for simple and flexible laboratory use across a wide range of liquid-handling applications.

epMotion 5075 employs both Eppendorf’s established epBlue software and an intuitive new software assistant concept. This supports the simple programming of applications and ensures that all users can use the system with only initial training. In addition, features such as a new CleanCap option, including UV light decontamination and a HEPA filter for purified air, enhance decontamination and sample safety. This is supported by an optical sensor that checks labware, liquid levels, and tip counts and type at the start of each cycle.


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