Cancer Genetics launches new test for cervical cancer

July 25, 2013

Cancer Genetics, Inc. (CGI), provider of DNA-based cancer diagnostics, has launched a proprietary cervical cancer test and is marketing the molecular product globally through its network of distribution partners. CGI’s FISH-based HPV-Associated Cancer Test (FHACT) uses a combination of genetic markers to detect genetic abnormalities located at 3q, 5p, 20q, and chromosome 7. A recent study concluded that these four biomarkers are associated with the severity of cervical lesions. The findings of the study, published in Gynecologic Oncology, support the use of FHACT as an aid in the screening of women with HPV-positive abnormal cervical lesions. By identifying lesions that will progress to a higher grade versus those that will regress, FHACT can allow for a better triage of patients before referral for colposcopy.

The test can be performed directly on Pap smear or liquid based-cytology and does not require any resampling. CGI representatives are therefore stressing its utility in countries where women have reduced access to routine screening. In partnership with its distributors and collaborators, CGI will conduct workshops in India and Mexico to accelerate adoption of FHACT in the clinical community.

“We think that FHACT will be a new tool to help identify women with high risk of progressing to cervical cancer,” says Dr. Q. Annie Hasan, PhD, FNASc, Head of Department and Senior Consultant, Department of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad, India. “This is particularly important in India due to the rising incidence of cervical cancer caused by difficulty in implementation of cervical screening programs, which require repeated evaluation in large numbers of women.” Read a study abstract.