Greiner Bio-One offers new 96-well SensoPlate Plus glass bottom microplate for FCS

April 25, 2013

Greiner Bio-One is unveiling the 96-well SensoPlate Plus, a microscopy plate with a transparent borosilicate glass bottom and a black cycloolefin frame. SensoPlate Plus was developed especially for use in high-resolution microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS).

Microscopic applications such as confocal microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy are sophisticated methods that can benefit from SensoPlate Plus. Consisting of a black cycloolefin frame, 96-well SensoPlate Plus features an ultra-clear borosilicate 175-µm cover glass bottom affixed with a low autofluorescence adhesive. Resistant to dimethyl sulfoxide and 70% ethanol, SensoPlate Plus is suitable for cell culture use.

The SensoPlate Plus glass bottom microplate offers an optimized geometry to facilitate trouble-free measurements and high-resolution imaging. Perimeter well microscopy is significantly enhanced due to a condensed distance between the microplate well and skirt bottom. Circular wells prevent disruptive shadow with the smallest possible meniscus lens, and a slightly enlarged well diameter allows an increased working volume. A perimeter ditch may be filled with liquid to minimize edge effect during lengthy incubations. 96-well SensoPlate Plus glass bottom microplates are featured sterile with cell culture treatment, lid, individually wrapped, 16 per case. Read more about 96/96 Half Area Well microplates provided by Greiner Bio-One.

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