SCC Soft Computer showcases Genetics Information Systems Suite

March 21, 2013

SCC Soft Computer (SCC) is presenting its comprehensive Genetics Information Systems Suite this week during the 2013 American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting. SCC representatives are showing conference attendees how the Suite offers a full range of genetics information management tools designed to automate workflow in the diagnostic genetics laboratory. They are explaining that this integrated laboratory and genetics software provides information management tools that facilitate healthcare providers in personalizing patient disease treatments based on an individual’s history and genetic composition, resulting in greater optimization of patient treatments.

SCC’s Genetics Information Systems Suite consists of six technology modules: SoftCytogenetics, SoftMolecular, SoftFlowCytometry, SoftBiochemistry, SoftPathDx, and SoftHLA, which are fully integrated and share the same database and common functionality. Each has specific functionality to support the unique challenges and needs for testing and reporting in these laboratories.

According to SCC spokespersons, the company’s solutions provide hospitals and laboratories with information management systems that enable them to compete in the clinical diagnostics marketplace. Learn more about SCC Soft Computer’s Genetics Information Systems suite.