Digital pathology

March 19, 2013

Digital imaging system

The MacroPATH D Digital Imaging System for grossing and necropsy environments is now available. It is an image capture, annotation, and storage system that replaces tedious manual technologies with a quicker and more flexible work solution. Start a case with the touch screen interface, sealed keyboard, or barcode reader. It features a 9-megapixel auto-focus/auto-light adjusting camera, and robust annotation tools. Audio and video recording allow users to easily document routine and special cases. All assets (.jpg, .mp3, .avi) can be collected into one case folder for easy access or transferred into an LIS. 

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Specimen radiography solution

An improved and updated version of the XPERT 80, a high-performance specimen radiography solution for the pathology lab, is now available. The new features incorporate a more ergonomic design to ease demands in a high-volume pathology department without sacrificing performance. The new version offers an 8″ x 10″ x-ray detector in a stainless steel cabinet, a glass window for specimen visibility, and a high-resolution optical camera and light package for publication-grade optical images. Kubtec systems offer a range of digital enhancement tools including Artemis, a software feature that offers mammography quality imaging for breast tissue specimens. It features up to 5X magnification and an interface with pathology software systems. 

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ePathology Solutions

When glass slides become eSlides, pathology information can be easily shared with others. Leica Biosystems' Aperio ePathology includes whole slide scanners, a NETWORK solution that enables remote, real-time viewing and easy distribution of images for peer review and collaboration, and a PRECISION image analysis solution that provides pathologists with easy-to-use quantitative image analysis to improve research and clinical productivity, reproducibility, and consistency. Customers include clinicians and researchers working in hospitals, reference laboratories, pharma and research institutions.

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Cloud pathology system

The cloud pathology platform with Simagis Live™ cloud software can connect scanners to a private cloud server and start collaborating. The system uploads slides from a local computer; aggregates them to cases; and keeps track of images, documents, and comments. Users can share slides with a single click, invite others to their workspace, or include live images in .pdf reports. Live markers provide instant measurements, and a zero-footprint web viewer enables instant access to images from any browser including mobile devices. By adding attributes to slides and cases, users can create knowledge libraries from slide collections and use a variety of interactive applications to run image analysis, including  IHC bookmakers and Complete Blood Count, among others. Cloud Pathology System works with all major scanners.  

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Whole slide scanner

TISSUEscope™ HS is a high-throughput, high-capacity brightfield whole slide scanner. It features a 300-slide capacity. A typical slide takes only seconds to scan.  It can be integrated with any LIS and suits the workflows and IT infrastructures of the pathology laboratory. This new addition to the TISSUEscope product line augments the TISSUEscope 4000 slide scanner. The line offers confocal fluorescence and the ability to image a wide variety of slide sizes, ranging from 1″x 3″ to 6″ x 8″ for whole organ digitization. It provides field-of-view magnitudes greater than microscope objectives for faster scan speeds and less image artifacts such as stitching and photo-bleaching.

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Managing and digitizing AP labs

PowerPath v10.0, an Anatomic Pathology solution built using FDA guidelines for medical software, is now available. With its ease of use, Digital Pathology interface and Pathologist friendly workflow it is an essential component of your laboratory management solution and offers unmatched performance in managing and digitizing anatomic pathology laboratories in hospitals, medical centers, reference labs, and academic facilities. Key features include ICD-10 support to meet the need for diagnosis coding and reimbursement standard and HPV Results Interface. The AMP (Advanced Material Processing) enhancements for PowerPath 10.0 enable safe, efficient specimen management and workflow automation. Regulatory features include CLIA sign-out, CAP regulation for cytology half workload slide, and HPV statistics.  

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