Inventory Control/Specimen ID

Jan. 17, 2013

Inventory and supply control

Starfruit Technologies® Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Inventory Control and Master Mix protocols enable the specification of consumables during a pre-analysis phase to validate, run worksheets, and calculate the consumption rate per use for reorder during the post-analysis phase. First record the lot numbers, expiration dates, volumes, and barcodes of consumables; second design master mix protocol per test method by specifying consumables; third select valid consumables that have not expired with enough volumes to run worksheets per master mix protocol; finally, program calculates and provides reminders to indicate consumables that are below the inventory threshold for reorder.

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Inventory management

InvMan Version 7 inventory management system for the laboratory is now available. Track all reagents and supplies on hand and know what, when, and quantity to order. The system provides logon alerts for all reagents set to expire, reagents that reach their reorder level, and all instrumentation due for a service visit. Reagents can be organized by workbench, vendor, department, type of reagent, and a range of other attributes. Package inserts, certificates of analysis, and MSDS documents can be viewed. Reagents can be counted using a portable barcode scanner and those distributed to off-site locations can be tracked. There are more than 30 preset reports and a query wizard for custom searches of the database.

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Track treatment and outcomes

Transtem software provides end-to-end support for hospitals, blood and marrow transplant programs, cord blood banks, and cancer treatment centers, providing automated support for collecting, testing, manufacturing, and storing cell therapy products, as well as matching and utilizing of these products for patient care. Capabilities combine a focus on donors, products, and patients to provide a 360-degree view of treatments and outcomes. It is web-based and enables the laboratory and clinical teams to obtain access to the same patient, product, and outcome information from other sites. The system supports scanning devices and ISBT-128 barcode labeling to allow staff to quickly scan needed products and associate these with the patient which eliminates manual data entry, reducing errors, and improving productivity. It also enables integration with other core information systems, such as EMR.

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Eliminate specimen ID errors

MobiLab® eliminates specimen identification errors and improves patient safety, even in challenging areas such as the Emergency Department and the ICU.  Using barcode technology, the device helps nurses, phlebotomists, and other care providers accomplish these goals at the bedside:  positive patient identification; positive specimen identification; and real-time specimen label printing. It  runs on PCs, laptops, and handheld devices, so nurses and phlebotomists can use the hardware they generally prefer — whether that be laptop or smaller handheld. More than 150 hospitals across the United States and Canada are already eliminating mislabeled specimens with MobiLab, and it has ranked #1 in the KLAS Specimen Collection Barcoding category every year since 2007.

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