Blood-collection devices

Dec. 19, 2012

Efficient and safe draw

The VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Complete Plus combines a QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder completely assembled with a VISIO PLUS Multi-Sample Needle which uses a flash window area incorporating a cannula with a hole, transparent hub, and filter. The user can see if vein penetration has been carried out successfully by a visual ‘flash’ prior to inserting a VACUETTE® Blood Collection into the holder.  The tube holder has a shield attached that is activated by pressing on a solid surface or by using your thumb. The VACUETTE QUICKSHIELD Complete Plus comes fully assembled and individually wrapped in sterile packaging. 

Greiner Bio-One 

Collection kit

The Blood Shipper Kit is designed to protect blood-collection devices, ensure specimen integrity, and assist with proper collection while having all of the supplies needed in one package. A standard kit includes a transport box, specimen mailer, biohazard bag with absorbent, and box seal. A custom kit can be created to include blood-collection devices and other components such as: lab-branded transport boxes and collection components, specimen collection instructions, pre-printed return service labels, shipping materials, requisitions, pre-accessioning, and patient labels. 


Blood collection set 

VanishPoint® Blood Collection Set (BCS), a safety blood collection device for diagnostic purposes, has a short needle with pre-attached tubing.  Finger grips allow handling without the need for wings. Automated needle retraction is activated by depressing a trigger located near the finger grip area, allowing one handed-activation without changing hand position. Needle retraction automatically clamps the tubing. It features automated in-vein activation, eliminating exposure to the contaminated needle, reducing needlestick injuries, and preventing reuse. The kink-resistant tubing is available in 7˝ and 12˝ lengths. Offered in a variety of needle gauges, the trigger indicator is color-coded to indicate the needle gauge.  The clear body of the device allows for flashback visualization.  

Retractable Technologies, Inc.

Seven-day immunophenotyping preservative

Cyto-Chex® BCT is a vacuum-draw tube for the collection, transport, and retention of whole blood samples for immunophenotyping by flow cytometry. It is available in 5-ml and a preorder 2-ml draw size. The preservative contained in the tube stabilizes cellular antigens and morphology for up to seven days and is stable at room temperature (18°C to 22°C) for transport and storage. Cyto-Chex BCT stabilizes white blood cell antigens, including those of the HIV panel of CD markers; is FDA-approved for recovery of HIV lymphocyte subsets for up to 14 days; and preserves white blood cell antigens, allowing subsets of leukocytes to be distinguished by flow cytometry analysis.  

Streck, Inc.