Industry Spotlight

Oct. 19, 2012
Assayed liquid immunoassay control

The Acusera Liquid Immunoassay Control includes fully assayed target values and ranges for more than 40 analytes. The combination of routine immunoassay analytes and a wide range of therapeutic drugs in a single liquid control material allows for increased efficiency. Liquid controls eliminate the need for reconstitution, reducing the amount of handling necessary and the subsequent risk of pipetting errors. The material is 100% human in origin. Three clinically significant levels of control are available, supplied either separately or in a tri-level pack. It is available in a 5-ml vial size and has open vial stability of 7 days at +2-8°C. As a true third party control, an unbiased, independent assessment of performance is guaranteed. Accurately assigned assayed target values are provided for most immunoassay analyzers.


New Kit Rotor design

A new Kit rotor offers a solution for a common problem when working with MiniPrep spin column kits, used in purifying nucleic acid applications. These kits use filters that fit within microcentrifuge tubes, which commonly prevent the lid from closing. Centrifugation is required at high speeds during the elution step, where consequently the lids of the tubes shear off, creating tiny projectiles within the rotor. This problem traditionally occurs because standard rotors do not provide enough support for open tube lids during centrifugation. The Eppendorf Kit Rotor was designed with an extended rim that serves as support for the open tube lids, which prevents the lids from shearing off. In addition to the extended rim, this rotor also has been designed with the bore-holes further apart from each other than those on a standard microcentrifuge tube rotor. 

Eppendorf North America, Inc.

Door-mounted touchscreen user interface

The new i.C³™ User Interface is included on all i.Series® refrigerators and freezers. It is icon driven and features a 7″ full-color touch screen mounted to the door. It offers constant temperature monitoring, event acknowledgement, and multiple information logs with historical information that can be downloaded and saved for audits. Optional i.D™ Integrated Electronic Access Control offers secure access for any situation where extra security is required.

Refrigerators are available in many sizes, including undercounter, slimline, single door, double door, and pass-thru models. Capacity is available from 5 to 58 cu ft. Storage options include shelves, drawers, and roll-out baskets.

Freezers are available in undercounter and single door models with capacities from 5 to 25 cu ft.

Helmer, Inc.

Electronic pipette

Biohit Picus has a light-weight design with electronic tip ejection to help protect users from repetitive strain injury. New generation technology features electronic brakes to stop the piston movement rapidly for accurate and precise pipetting results, especially in serial dispensing. The integrated plate tracker can increase reliability in microwell plate work by guiding the user to pipette into correct wells. The pipette has an intuitive user interface which makes it easy to adopt the main functions. The one-handed adjustment wheel allows easy menu navigation and fast volume setting. The hot key enables fast access up to 10 saved programs. Biohit Picus received the Red Dot award 2012 in the category product design. 


Lab automation enclosures

EnviroMax Enclosures are specifically engineered to isolate robotic and lab automation processes and equipment while maintaining a safe working area. These enclosures provide exhaust air systems and clean workstations or temperature/humidity-controlled environments. They are designed to isolate liquid-handling workstations, HPLC equipment sample weighing, high-throughput screening, powder handling and other lab automation processes.

The enclosures are engineered and built to exact customer size and design requirements. Systems can be engineered to maintain vented exhaust air, HEPA filtered supply air, bio-containment enclosures, or temperature-controlled re-circulating air. Sliding door accessibility can be from any or all of the four sides. A variety of accessories including support tables, work surfaces, lighting, electrical, plumbing, and glove ports are available.


FDA-cleared assay

The CH50 assay on the SPAPLUS is an FDA-cleared, fully automated assay for measuring total complement activity (CH50) by testing the function of the resulting end product of the complement cascade, the Membrane Attack Complex (MAC). Measurement of total complement activity is recommended in Primary Immunodeficiency guidelines and provides important clinical information for many other disease states and infections. According to company spokespersons, the CH50 assay provides easy-to-use, quantitative results for determining a patient's CH50 status, enabling the physician and patient to move forward with a targeted treatment plan. CH50 is the latest addition to the company’s panel of complement assays: C3c, C4, IgG, IgA, IgM, and IgG and IgA subclasses.

The Binding Site, Inc.

Urine system

The V-Monovette® Urine evacuated system provides for hygienic urine collection, transfer, testing, and transport. Tubes are available in sizes from 4 ml to 10 ml with a round or conical base. Options with a boric acid stabilizer serve to maintain bacterial viability until analysis. All tubes feature a paper label with designated writing space, fill line, lot and expiration information, and are packaged in user-friendly, eco-conscious boxes.

For a closed transfer into V-Monovette Urine tubes, urine can be initially collected into a corresponding 100 ml urine cup with integrated sampling port. The sampling port needle is deeply recessed in the cap for improved safety and handling, and the cup is made from durable, transparent polypropylene. Alternatively, urine can be collected into any specimen cup and transferred into the tubes via a transfer straw. For 24-hour urine collections, an amber 3L container with a recessed, integrated sampling port for closed transfer is available. The 3L container has a clear viewing strip with graduations for easy volume assessment and a convenient built-in handle.

Sarstedt, Inc.